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Cost Estimate
seashadows wrote in therustygear
I realize that, to many, the cost may be prohibitive - so I posted a cost analysis for the average conference-goer.

Click here.

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I realize that it's probably way to early to know, but I'm wondering which days the shuttle will be running.
My friends and I might be flying in on Wednesday and leaving Monday (giving ourselves some time to see Boston), so it will be good to know before booking whether there is a possibility of taking the shuttle or if we will need to account for public transit/a cab.

If you're already in Boston, you'll probably need to get there yourselves; the shuttle runs to and from the airport.

But we are staying at the hotel, and would be wanting to check in and drop off our luggage before any sightseeing.

The same hotel where the convention will take place?

And yes, I realize that the hotel/convention is not actually in Boston. But with the kind of luggage three serious cosplayers will be bringing, IF there was a shuttle I would rather take it to Natick, drop off our stuff and then backtrack, than negotiate the trip via some other mode of transportation. If it's only Thurs - Sun, that's fine, but knowing which days (or even times) the shuttle will be available as early as possible will help when booking my flight and planning for transportation.

I thought it might be worth a shot to ask.

As I understand it, yes, the shuttle will be running on Wednesday. :)

just to clarify what seashadows said:

you're right, it's a bit early to give you a definite answer. what we will most likely do is offer a few spaced out shuttle times, so people can book their flights accordingly -- then if demand for the shuttle rises, we'll add more pick-up times in between.

with that in mind, i'm pretty sure we will have at least one or two pick-up times scheduled for wednesday.

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