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Rusty Gear Transportation
Hey Rusty Gear Attendees!

Please take a moment to respond to the email regarding local transportation. We are trying to coordinate shuttling everyone to the motel and con who need it.
Even if you are not using our shuttle service, it would be great to know where you are staying and if you are driving/carpooling in case we need a hand grabbing a fellow henchman or klokateer.

Please respond by June 15th

Thank you for your time!

If you have not received an email from us concerning transportation, please fill out the information below the cut and email it to therustygear2012@gmail.com so we can add you to the list!

Please  spread the word! :D

Copy of the emailCollapse )

Pirate needs Rusty Gear Help!
Ahoy Ahoy!

This pirate is helping make the schedule for The Rusty Gear, and is coming across a problem - I am presenting or hosting TOO MANY THINGS! I’ve accepted that I will miss most of the other presentations, but I would REALLY REALLY at least like to see the RP and cosplay ones.

Is there anyone out there who is going to The Rusty Gear that could help by running one or two of my games? They will be all ready to go, and very very easy to run, and there is candy! - I just physically can not do it all!

PM me or note me in any of the various online communities I live in if you can lend a hand.

Thank you in advance!

PS. I still have that extra RG ticket for $40, too!

The Rusty Gear is Changing Location!
Hi there, pals! It’s me, Facebones Your Rusty Gear organizers here, with an important announcement:

Due to budget constraints and contract disagreements, we have had to end out relationship with the Hampton Inn Boston/Natick, where The Rusty Gear was originally planned. But believe it or not, this is actually good news! Because we’ve now found a better, more affordable location.

The Hampton Inn has already gone ahead and cancelled all the reservations made under our group, so no one has to worry about fees. To avoid putting everyone's names out there, if you made a reservation with the Hampton in, and would like to see that your name is on the cancellation list - send Pirateking42 a note/PM. I can send you to the document. If you have made a reservation but your name is NOT listed, please contact the Hampton Inn immediately to resolve the issue and make sure you avoid fees. Their reservation number is: (508) 653-5000

New location details:
The conference will now be taking place June 29th to July 1st (with recommended arrival time Thursday evening, on the 28th), in the coastal town of Lynn, Massachusetts, just 8 miles from downtown Boston and 5 miles from Logan airport. The administration of Leisure Tower, an apartment building in Lynn that’s a quick walk from the ocean shore, has graciously offered us all the function space we need free of charge! This means we can now provide our attendees with amenities we couldn’t before, such as free food throughout the weekend, more registration package goodies, and far better priced transportation to and from the airport than what the Hampton Inn could offer.

We’re also happy to announce that we’ve found a new, significantly more affordable place to stay, for those of you who need it. So if you’re not local to Boston (or if you just want to minimize your commute), we recommend the Motel 6 in Danvers, just half an hour from our conference location

Motel 6 Boston – Danvers #1078
65 Newbury Street/US Route 1 North
I-95 at US 1, Exit#47-B
Danvers MA 01923-1072
Phone: (978) 774-8045
FAX: (978) 774-0932

We will be providing shuttle transportation to and from the airport, as well as to and from the conference building, for anyone staying at this location. If you chose to stay elsewhere but still need a ride, let us know and we will try our best to set one up for you!

Anyone in need of a ride and/or intending to use the shuttle service should contact our transportation coordinator ASAP for further details: lizaramm@gmail.com

Your staff at The Rusty Gear

Vendor table and sponsorship opportunities!
Hello from The Rusty Gear!

As you may have heard, The Rusty Gear fan-conference will be held in Natick, MA from June 29th – July 1st 2012.

The Rusty Gear is a first of its kind gathering for fans of two of the best shows on the infamous Adult Swim roster: Metalocalypse and The Venture Brothers. It's a convention, if you will, that aspires to be much more than just that. It's a place where dethheads and super-science nerds alike can come together to explore the many fascinating aspects of these two shows and their characters. A place where artists, writers, crafters, and musicians can let their talents shine.

I just wanted to bring your attention to our vendor table and sponsorship opportunities! Do you have something to promote or sell that would appeal to Venture Bros and Metalocalypse fans?
Tables and half tables are available for the entire conference or four hour time slots.
Conference attendees get a discount on the base price of their table. For more information check out http://www.therustygear.org/?page=vendors/vendors or email: vendors@therustygear.org.

We also have a wide variety of Sponsorship options available in a multitude of price ranges.

Sponsorships At A Glance:
Link Exchange: Free
Website Advertising: $20
Program Book ¼ page ad: $15
Program Book ½ page ad: $30
Program Book full page ad: $50
Registration Packet: $100
Single Programming Panel: $25
Programming Block: $75
Informal Program Event: $200

Deadline for all printed materials is June 1, 2012.

For more information on all the sponsorship options check out our webpage or email sponsorship@therustygear.org Please inquire via email about sponsorship of goods or services instead of cash.

Thank you for your time and we hope to hear from you!
Karen Kacprzyk/Pirateking42

The Guild of Calamitous Intent
Attention all fan writers and artists! The Rusty Gear needs you!

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to use your amazing talents to help make our fledgling convention even more awesome.

“But, Strange Shouting Person!” I hear you say. “What can I do for The Rusty Gear?”

I’m glad you asked, fellow fans, because we have many exciting opportunities for you to contribute, even from the comfort of your own nerd cave!
  • Have your artwork displayed in one of our fabulous galleries!
  • Read your fic before a captive audience or have a proxy read it!
  • Volunteer at our sketch and drabble booths!
  • Donate pieces or commissions to the RG Charity Auction!

So you see, friends, with just the smallest contribution, you can help make the first ever Rusty Gear as spectacular as it deserves to be.

If you think you might be even a little bit interested, let us know! And tell your friends!

Thanks in advance, Venturoos and Dethfans! We’re looking forward to seeing you at the convention.

Jo West
RG Fanworks Chair

PS: If you have already volunteered your fic or art, please contact me! Some responsibilities have changed hands, and I’d like to touch base with everyone. Thanks!

The Rusty Gear Forum is Live!
The Rusty Gear Forum is Live!

Come hangout, introduce yourself and find pals to travel with! YAY! <3

(no subject)
Hey!  Hey!  They just bumped pirateking42's bump about the con with the poster on Adult Swim!  About 12:30 AM.Should be on the same time every night this week.

A Sweet Deal For You And Your Sweetheart
A Sweet Deal For You And Your Sweetheart: The registration rate from now until June 15, when online registration closes, is $50. However, until the end of February, we're offering our Sweetheart Deal. Buy one registration and get the second one at 20% off. Check out our registration page.

Check out our awesome ad! Art by Matsunaga, text and additional colors by Supes.Collapse )

Give Us Your Feedback: We've created a short, three question poll to find out how many of you plan to attend, and what you want out of The Rusty Gear 2012. Click here to access it. It shouldn't take more than a minute, and we greatly appreciate any and all input.

Check out this V-log!
Mari Sheri is planning to come to The Rusty Gear :DCollapse )

Cost Estimate
I realize that, to many, the cost may be prohibitive - so I posted a cost analysis for the average conference-goer.

Click here.