Cosplay Programming Poll
Poll #1808039 Cosplay Programming Poll

If we were to have costume-related programming, what would best describe what you would most want to attend?

Cosplay 101 for beginners
A presentation of awesome VB/Metalocalypse costumes
A workshop for something simple but popular (Monarch henchman, Klokateer)
A technique-specific kind of workshop (such as how to paint/dye, use foam, sew spandex, etc.)
Other -- please explain in the comments in as much detail as you'd like.

Informal Programming: Call for Ideas
We've all been talking about formal programming, but we on the Rusty Gear staff need informal programming ideas, too - and people to help implement them. Post your ideas here, and be sure to add if the activities you propose are ones that you would lead, or that someone else would lead.

Just a reminder: this all falls into the realm of informal programming.
- Fanworks, such as fic and art booths (except for workshops, which are formal).
- Stuff that doesn't come with a set time period and/or can be done for a long time. Example: episode reenactments, which have already been proposed.
- Fan-led activities that don't require a teacher (in contrast to workshops); for example, making masks of Dethklok, or having a booth where everyone leaves a lyric to make a killer Dethsong.

If you do want to volunteer, a meeting time will be forthcoming.


- seashadows
Informal Programming Chair

Venture Bros. Brainstorming Meeting on AIM
On Saturday at 3:00 p.m. Eastern time there will be a Venture Bros. brainstorming meeting to spark ideas for programming proposals.  It will take place on AIM in the chat room "RustyGearChat", and instructions for how to get into an AIM chat room can be found here. If you have trouble getting in, try contacting me at JesJamesMeowth and if I can't help you get in I'll help you stay updated.

I really hope to see people there. 

If you talked about an idea for programming, or if you have yet to check out the other ideas, you should check out the programming ideas post. We could always use more input, and we definitely could use more proposals. I promise I don't bite. :-)

Rusty Gear Call for Programming Proposals
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Rusty Gear Pre-Registrations are Ending: YOU CAN HELP SPREAD THE WORD!
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Please copy the following link code and paste it in your own journal or community, to help let the world know about The Rusty Gear.  And click the cut/scroll down to view our full promo.

(Comment here if you have any problems, or if you
would like the link image with different color text.)


   The Rusty Gear 2012:

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Pre-registration is still open... now..still.. now...
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Pre-registration for only $40 ends Nov 14th! Register now!

Frequently Asked Questions
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If you'd like to find out more about The Rusty Gear, here's the place to start!

What is The Rusty Gear?
When and where is it?
Who can attend?  Do we have to like both shows?
Will there be adult content?
Is The Rusty Gear slash-friendly?
Why The Venture Bros. and Metalocalypse, together?  Why not an Adult Swim con?

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I was rewatching the VB special...
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Chat Tomorrow!
Tomorrow we are going to have another general chat at 8:00 p.m. Eastern time! Please show up, and feel free to bring anyone you think may have an interest in attending The Rusty Gear 2012 or even in volunteering with us!

The chat is tomorrow night, Tuesday the 29th of August, 8:00 p.m. Eastern, and the AIM chatroom's name is "RustyGearChat". Here's a list with detailed instructions, including images.

Every person has something to contribute, something to talk about. Come on in; we'll be waiting!

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