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The Rusty Gear is Changing Location!
pirateking42 wrote in therustygear
Hi there, pals! It’s me, Facebones Your Rusty Gear organizers here, with an important announcement:

Due to budget constraints and contract disagreements, we have had to end out relationship with the Hampton Inn Boston/Natick, where The Rusty Gear was originally planned. But believe it or not, this is actually good news! Because we’ve now found a better, more affordable location.

The Hampton Inn has already gone ahead and cancelled all the reservations made under our group, so no one has to worry about fees. To avoid putting everyone's names out there, if you made a reservation with the Hampton in, and would like to see that your name is on the cancellation list - send Pirateking42 a note/PM. I can send you to the document. If you have made a reservation but your name is NOT listed, please contact the Hampton Inn immediately to resolve the issue and make sure you avoid fees. Their reservation number is: (508) 653-5000

New location details:
The conference will now be taking place June 29th to July 1st (with recommended arrival time Thursday evening, on the 28th), in the coastal town of Lynn, Massachusetts, just 8 miles from downtown Boston and 5 miles from Logan airport. The administration of Leisure Tower, an apartment building in Lynn that’s a quick walk from the ocean shore, has graciously offered us all the function space we need free of charge! This means we can now provide our attendees with amenities we couldn’t before, such as free food throughout the weekend, more registration package goodies, and far better priced transportation to and from the airport than what the Hampton Inn could offer.

We’re also happy to announce that we’ve found a new, significantly more affordable place to stay, for those of you who need it. So if you’re not local to Boston (or if you just want to minimize your commute), we recommend the Motel 6 in Danvers, just half an hour from our conference location

Motel 6 Boston – Danvers #1078
65 Newbury Street/US Route 1 North
I-95 at US 1, Exit#47-B
Danvers MA 01923-1072
Phone: (978) 774-8045
FAX: (978) 774-0932

We will be providing shuttle transportation to and from the airport, as well as to and from the conference building, for anyone staying at this location. If you chose to stay elsewhere but still need a ride, let us know and we will try our best to set one up for you!

Anyone in need of a ride and/or intending to use the shuttle service should contact our transportation coordinator ASAP for further details:

Your staff at The Rusty Gear

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Dropping a quick note about shuttling, since I won't be around until monday for a proper email about it - Dan and I are looking to use the shuttle options as we won't have a car.

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